Your Stay

Welcome to Maison de Lunel – our home and yours during your stay in south west France

It was love at first sight when we first viewed this property in 2016. Even today, it is still hard to believe that this beautiful boutique retreat was once an equestrian farm. But after four years of renovating and transforming the stable block, barns and grounds, we can now share our secluded luxury escape experience. 

Maison de Lunel sits in an elevated position on 35 acres of private estate, 2km from the village of Mauroux, in the Lot region of southwest France. In late summer, the surrounding fields are full of bright, joyful sunflowers, tilting their heads towards the sun. Other spectacular views in our little corner of Europe include luxuriant vineyards and undulating hills. It is like living in a dream. 

Our Rooms

Each spacious en-suite bedroom boasts lofty ceilings and climate control, so they stay comfortably cool during the long, hot summers. To provide a more relaxing luxury stay, we have carefully designed and decorated each guest room with love, care and attention to detail. And, wherever possible, we have sourced objets d’art and other materials from local artisans or small businesses worldwide.

What was once a large, traditional Quercy stone barn is now a bespoke 120m² yoga studio with large east and west-facing glass doors. Superb for sunrise and sunset yoga practices. The stone-walled dining room, with its long old oak table, is the perfect place to relax and chat about your day with fellow guests. Alternatively, you can meet there for early morning tea before beginning your yoga practice. The dining room is open all day, and you can quench your thirst anytime with our delicious organic tea or pure, filtered water.

Stretch out, relax in the lounge area under the covered pool terrace, and admire the views across the south-facing pool. There is another large oak dining table situated in the lounge area. So everyone can enjoy their delicious organic juices here on the terrace in the summer. The outdoor kitchen, with its large marble workspace, is where we arrange our juicing and cooking demonstrations. And where we hope that our guests will feel inspired to create their own!

Our Grounds

Without question, this extensive private estate provides numerous quiet and restful areas if you want to have a little ‘me’ time. In fact, we would actively encourage it! Explore and enjoy the experience of spending quality time on your own, drinking in the beauty and tranquillity of your surroundings. If you prefer to curl up in a comfy chair with a good book, then you will love La Chouette (the French word for Barn Owl). Also known as the library room, La Chouette is where you will find a wide selection of healthy reading material.

Unlimited walking and hiking paths crisscross the surrounding countryside of fields and vineyards. In fact, during your stay at Maison de Lunel, you need never walk the same route twice or even cross a road. If you are feeling energetic, we have installed a modest but professionally equipped gym. Or, why not explore further afield on one of the bikes? The surrounding country lanes are virtually traffic-free, which means even an inexperienced cyclist can relax and enjoy the ride. In the evening, view and discuss educational documentaries in the poolside cinema. And enjoy the wonderful warm evening ambience on the illuminated pool terrace.

Finally, at the end of the day you can retire to bed, happy and content. Go to sleep knowing that after a restful night, tomorrow will be another incredible life-changing day.

Take the first step on your journey to a happy and healthy lifestyle