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Master Your Breath. Master Your Life

We are delighted to welcome back the incredible breathwork coach Brigitte Bruyez, who will be hosting a series of Holotropic Breathing Workshops during our retreats this summer.

The breath is the healer and the teacher… Your breath is the Medicine.

Breathing is the best way to shift your mindset and master your emotions. Negative experiences of our past often create self-sabotaging beliefs and limiting beliefs can slowly poison our daily life and STOP us from ever achieving true success and happiness.

By joining the workshops you will discover the incredible healing power of your own breath and give your body everything it needs to maintain optimum health and vitality. Experience the physical, mental, and emotional life-giving benefits of a conscious connected Emergence Breath.

Brigitte will be teaching and sharing specific breathing techniques to help you manage and overcome specific emotions; for example fear, sadness and anger – learning these techniques will open up the possibility to calm the mind and access to stillness.

Holotropic Breathwork Regulation Breathwork Coaching (3 hour session)

You will learn how to master your breath during the day to:

  • RESTORE balance to the body and mind
  • Achieve DEEP relaxation
  • REDUCE stress and release energy blockages
  • RESTORE your sleeping pattern

During these BREATHS, you will discover your own journey which will lead you to:

  • Surrender
  • Detach from matter, emotions.
  • Be aware of the power of thoughts.
  • Have a better sleep and better health.
  • Create beautiful and harmonious relations.
  • Live synchronicity
  • Activate your pure potential.
  • Be healthier.
  • Be more joyful.
  • Activate your inner child.
  • Experience your inner radiance.
  • Discover universal love.
  • Be the new you.
  • And most of all, create a life you love to live.

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

Breathing is the path for transformation and is proven to be one of the best ways to shift your mindset and master your emotions.  Negative experiences from our past often create self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs which can slowly damage our daily life and prevent us from ever achieving true success and happiness.

Holotropic breathwork is a conscious, connected breathing practice (technique), that helps you to gain access to the subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and traumas and helps to rewire the brain.

Most people in today’s society are chronic poor breathers, with fast and shallow breath, which is considered a pathological condition. Through the practice of Holotropic breathwork you will become aware of old and repetitive patterns, emotions and limited beliefs and be able to address them in a safe and structured environment.

Furthermore, if you are someone who struggles with poor sleep, you’re not alone; insomnia affects millions of people worldwide, and it can have a serious impact on both our physical and mental health. The techniques that Brigitte will be sharing during the workshops will support your sleeping patterns and help you to sleep better.

By joining the workshop with Brigitte you will discover your inner healing intelligence and..

  • GAIN access to the subconscious mind
  • RELEASE trapped emotions & childhood traumas
  • Help to REWIRE the brain and adapt your approach to situations and circumstances

About Brigitte Bruyez 

Born in France, Brigitte Bruyez is the founder of the wellness and healing centre the Relais des Anges, in France.

Teaching from personal life experience, through breathwork coaching and healing session, during workshops and retreats, Brigitte leads THE BREATH to experiencing their inner radiance, embodying their true essence, and discovering their purpose in life.

She is a visionary, photographer, author, teacher, speaker and certified life coach. She is a certified breathwork coach; a meditation and yoga teacher instructor from the Deepak Chopra Institute.

A Master Reiki, Magnetizer and Spiritual Healer, her journey leads her to guide people towards the light from their inner selves and to discover the magic of life.

breathwork coaching sessions with Brigitte Bruyez

Transformational benefits

I recently had the great pleasure to work with Brigitte Bruyez Breathwork Coaching. Breathing is our most basic and automatic respiratory system. Yet, most people rarely consciously think about this. But by simply controlling our breathing, we have a powerful tool for quieting our minds and calming our body. Brigitte’s mantra is “Master your Breath, Master your Life” and she teaches that we have the ability to control our breathing for maximum benefit if we choose. Brigitte introduced me to the transformational benefits of deep and rhythmic breathing!”Melanie Cabot, founder Happiness Foundation Florida

Naturally, if you have any questions or would like any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.