Frequently Asked Questions

Whether this is your first juice detox retreat or you are a frequent juicy traveller, you’re sure to have one or two questions ahead of your stay with us at Maison de Lunel. So we have included below some of the questions that we are frequently asked about our retreat. However, if you can’t find the answer, or you have any other questions, please contact us directly. Email : info@maisondelunel.com or Phone : UK +44 7732 491193 or  FR +33 7 80 31 96 03

Green Juice

What does the Juice Programme include?

The programme we offer comprises a refreshing glass of warm lemon water when you wake up. Two shot-glass juices, three large juices or smoothies, and a nourishing soup in the evening. There is also unlimited filtered water and Organic Herbal Teas available throughout your stay.

Please Note : We offer a standard juice detox programme to all our guests, which is vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. However, we can cater for allergies or intolerances simply by omitting certain ingredients from our recipes. So please let us know of any food allergies or intolerances as soon as possible ahead of your stay. Similarly, if there are any vegetables or fruits that you particularly dislike and cannot eat, just let us know in advance.

Will I feel hungry?

It’s completely understandable to be nervous, especially if this is your first juice cleanse. The most common angst is that you will feel hungry, or should I say starving? However, I have yet to meet anyone who actually feels hungry during a natural juice cleanse. In fact, more often than not they are completely surprised by how full and well-nourished they actually feel!

I am not saying that you won’t feel some false hunger pangs, perhaps even some cravings in the first 24 – 48 hours. This is completely normal. You may also feel a little discomfort as the body starts to detox. Most common symptoms are a mild headache and some minor aches in the joints. But that said, most people who start a juice detox don’t experience any side effects at all. The key is to drink plenty of water and rest as and when required.

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Positive Side Effects

However, if at any point during your stay, you feel that you are really struggling, just let us know. We will work with you and offer some S.O.S. solutions.

We’re confident that any nervousness you might feel at the beginning, will be quickly overtaken by the renewed energy you will have. This can happen very quickly as your body begins to adjust, and you feel well-nourished and revitalised from the inside out. Clearer skin, brighter eyes, clearer thinking and a more positive outlook are just a few of the wonderful side effects. Furthermore, if you are looking to kick-start a new healthier way of life, and lose a little weight, there is no safer and healthier way than with a natural juice cleanse.

Weigh-ins are not required on a Maison de Lunel juice detox retreat

Will I need to do a weigh in?

I’m very cautious about placing emphasis on a person’s weight because it is not the best measurement on which to base good health and wellbeing. We will explain more about this in our juice detox retreat workshops. However, if you want we can weigh and measure you on arrival and record the details for you. It is not one of our requirements, but can be a useful measurement at the beginning of your wellness journey.

I’m a bit worried as I have never done yoga before.

The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a expert or ‘yogi’ to reap the benefits. And regardless of your age, weight or fitness levels, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

At our retreat we practice a very gentle style of yoga. So it’s well-suited for beginners who are doing yoga for the first time. Yoga is all about the individual and there are different levels for each pose. This means that each pose is easy to adapt depending on the experience and comfort of each guest. Our wonderful team of yoga instructors are highly experienced. And because the groups are small everyone has some time spend with them to build up their confidence and ability.

Our morning yoga practice is more dynamic to help prepare the body for the day, Whereas the evening yoga is focused more on restorative and relaxing movements. From a juice detox point of the view, the daily yoga practices play a vital role in the body’s detox process. Our yoga instructors will also focus on the importance of breathing and beneficial movements to support your body’s detox.

Yoga & Juice Detox Retreat France
Juice Detox Retreat Workshops

What do you cover in the Educational Workshops?

A great deal of importance is put on the question “Why?”.

When we understand ‘why’ we should adopt certain habits, and ‘why’ we should include certain practices into our daily routine, it becomes a lot easier to make informed decisions and ignite long term changes. I host a series of workshops throughout the retreats to explore and discuss the importance of detoxing. We will look at the benefits of juicing and a wholefood plant-based lifestyle. In addition, we’ll discuss the importance of positive psychology and resilience, and its impact on our health and happiness.

Each evening educational films and documentaries are shown in the ambient setting of the poolside terrace. In addition to the workshops, we organise a visit to our neighbours, Les Gonies. This is the permaculture farm in the village and the main supplier of our delicious fresh produce. During the tour you will learn about permaculture farming methods and have an opportunity to buy produce to take home.

Which is the nearest airport and do you arrange transfers?

Nearest airports :

Nearest railway stations :

  • Monsempron-Libos – 15 minutes
  • Agen – 50 minutes
  • Cahors – 50 minutes

Group Transfers
We offer group transfers on a Saturday, to and from the following airports and rail stations. We can arrange transfers on other days of the week, but the fees might be slightly higher.

  • Bergerac : €60 per person each way
  • Toulouse : €85 per person each way
  • Bordeaux : €130 per person each way

Group Transfers can also be arranged from the following railway stations, the prices are as follows :

  • Monsempron-Libos : Free of Charge
  • Agen : €60 per person each way
  • Cahors : €60 per person each way
Bergerac Airport near to Maison de Lunel luxury Juice detox retreat

Additional information may be found in our Booking Terms & Conditions. We have also included a copy of the Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire that all guests are required to complete. Get in touch if you have any questions about the forms, our juice detox retreats, programmes, instructors or accommodation. We look forward to welcoming you to Maison de Lunel.

Email info@maisondelunel.com ~ Telephone : UK +44 7732 491193 or FR +33 7 80 31 96 03 (Standard rate mobile call charges apply.)

Highly professional and energising retreat experience.

“This is a genuinely life-changing retreat. I booked primarily because I wanted to learn yoga but was interested in the detox too. Little did I know that I would not only have an amazing yoga experience, but also learn so much about nutrition and looking after the body (with Ross). The whole team at Lunel manage to be both extremely professional and hugely friendly and supportive. Shout out also to Anäelle for her magic massage fingers and Neil for his entertaining walks. The location is lovely in a remote farmland area of France, and the facilities and rooms are quite luxurious for the price you pay. If you’re considering this retreat, just book it – you will definitely not regret it!“~ DPenco. Stayed July 2023