Hosts Neil and Ross are true professionals in the field of juicing and nutrition. My visit to their retreat as a complete novice exceeded all my expectations and I cannot recommend this place highly enough. You are guaranteed a wealth of knowledge and a personable experience from the hosts. – Golden Pot Eversley, Oct 2022

Ross Beckley – Member of the Complementary Medical Association (MCMA). 

Natural Juice Therapist, Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach, Food Matters Nutrition Counsellor.

Having made significant changes to my diet and lifestyle about nine years ago, I discovered a new passion. One that motivated me to change my career and drives me – even to this day – to help others make small but significant changes to their diet and lifestyle. Now, Neil and I do what we do because we believe it helps make the world a better place; it makes people healthier and because it gives something back. And we love what we do!

I have always been interested in nutrition and well-being, even though my original career path led me off as an event manager. In the early years, I managed concerts and theatrical productions but later on, I worked more on corporate conferences and exhibitions.

When we left our corporate jobs to set up our small events business in 2014, I found I had more free time. Keen to pursue my interest in nutrition and health, in 2015, I began training to become a Nutrition and Weight-loss Coach. However, much as I loved the course, it concerned me that the conventional approach to health focused more on addressing the symptoms instead of identifying the root cause.

Ross Beckley Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach, Natural Juice Therapist

Nutrition, exercise and meditation

I developed a keen interest in taking a more holistic approach to well-being. So I began to learn more about how the body can heal itself – physically and emotionally – with the right combination of quality nutrition, exercise and meditation.

Around the same time, Neil and I discovered juicing. We followed Jason Vale’s 7 lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet and were completely hooked – even became quite evangelical! The benefits we both felt after only seven days encouraged me to pursue a recognised qualification that would enable me to help and inspire others.

Natural Juice Therapy (NJT) has been around in one guise or another for many centuries. Endorsed by some of the world’s most renowned leaders in nutritional therapy, for use in the prevention and treatment of disease. Freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juices provide the body with the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, antioxidants and live enzymes.

Ross Beckley, MCMA, Food Matters Nutrition Counsellor

Diploma in Nutrition

As with so many things, the more you learn, the more your desire to learn increases. In 2019, I became one of the first recruits on the Food Matters Nutrition Programme and qualified as a Food Matters Nutrition Counsellor in 2020. The course provided me with an even greater depth of knowledge, incorporating the latest research and nutritional studies from the world’s leading holistic practitioners. Whole food advocates including James Colquhoun, David Wolfe, John Robbins, Mark Hyman, JJ Virgin, and Chris Karr, to name just a few.

The Food Matters Nutrition Programme is an ongoing learning course and the course content is refreshed each year. It covers a range of subjects that contribute to our optimum well-being – nutrition, exercise, movement, sleep, stress management, and environmental factors. As well as the role they play in keeping us well and in good health. The combination of my studies and unwavering interest motivates me to share my learnings and help others to feel their best.

Science & Research

What is important to remember is that as a Natural Juice Therapist and Nutrition Coach, I do not diagnose or claim to cure. My role is to present the information and scientific research in order to support the expansion of health knowledge and behaviours. In doing so, my aim is to improve our retreat guests’ overall well-being. This guidance includes juicing to address balance within the body and mind, and to achieve optimum health and vibrancy.

We genuinely believe that your health is your greatest wealth. Maison de Lunel was born out of a passion to help and inspire as many people as possible. Ultimately, we want others to know how good they can feel by incorporating even one juice a-day into their daily diet.

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine.

Neil Beckley

Lifestyle Coach & Juice Kitchen Chef

Neil is passionate about health and wellness, and the need for balance. He leads the morning walks and is renowned for entertaining everyone with his banter and knowledge of the area.

In the past Neil was Chief Operating Officer for an international investment bank and, more recently, a global executive for a multinational company. So he fully appreciates how stressful business life can be and the effects that can have, both mentally and physically.

Nowadays, he shares his knowledge and experience with guests, offering advice on how to achieve the perfect work life balance. 

Neil is also Chef in the Juice Kitchen, and Ross’ right-hand man!

Neil Beckley Lifestyle coach and juice kitchen chef