Barbora: Yoga & Breathwork Practitioner

My grandma was a “white witch” who introduced me to Reiki, Yoga and a wide range of self-healing methods and practices. Sadly, as a young girl, I never paid much attention. However, years later, the magic has found its way back to me, and now I am dedicated to a more spiritual, peaceful and holistic way of living. My focus is to help people reduce their stress levels and feel lighter, happier and more positive in their skin. And to help them find greater connection, self-love and admiration of their body and soul”.

Babora New Yoga instructor 2024 at Maison de Lunel

Combining and teaching a gentle Hatha flow with a more dynamic Vinyasa, in her classes, Barbora adapts her practice to the needs of the individuals and shares different poses and styles depending on their abilities. She is a huge fan of Neuro-biomechanics, which is the connection between the body and the brain, and it can help people with pain or restricted mobility.

As a trained breathwork practitioner, Barbora will be sharing specialised breathwork practices to better manage hormone imbalances and stress levels. She will also be sharing breathwork techniques that will help you get the maximum benefit from cold water plunge therapy.


Meditation plays an important part in Barbora’s life and has guided her towards the powerful benefits of sound therapy. She will be bringing her crystal bowls to Lunel so guests can enjoy the incredible benefits of sound-bathing. And the deep meditative state you can experience when enveloped in ambient sound and vibrations.

Barbora trained in India with Bhakti Yogashala and covered multiple styles of yoga, including Hatha, Vinyasa, YIN, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation. She has also studied the foundations of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic practices.

Originally from the Czech Republic, Barbora now lives in London with her young family. She currently teaches in yoga studios in London and runs a series of yoga retreats, workshops and sound therapy sessions.

We are delighted that Barbora is joining us at Maison de Lunel for the following yoga retreat dates in 2024.  Saturday 20 April – Saturday 4 May and Saturday 22 June – Saturday 6 July. Hopefully, you can join us in welcoming her to our retreat.

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Lana and Bex Yoga instructors at Maison de Lunel juice and detox yoga retreat France

Lana and Bex: Yoga & Wild Wellness

This talented duo combine their teaching to offer Yoga classes that will take you on a Yin or Yang-style journey. Every session begins with a place of intention, and their combined knowledge brings a unique blend. And they have a style of teaching that caters to each individual in the room.

A typical class will start with intention, connection to breath, movements, and concepts to warm up the body. Then it will either progress into a more dynamic-style class, or slowly move into a calm, restorative session. Classes finish with a warm down, relaxation, sound therapy, calming breath and stillness.

Movement-based practice in the morning, combines with calmer yoga practice in the evening. Thus enabling you to connect to different aspects of your body, mind, energy and intention.

Yoga and Fitness experts

They have decades of experience teaching various facets of yoga and fitness within the health industry, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Nidra and Forest Yoga. Both enjoy using numerous health techniques to connect students deeper to their bodies. Techniques including sound therapy, Chinese medicine, physiology, psychology, injuries and modern-day modalities. As well as environmental changes and individual history.

Lana and Bex theme the classes by the environment. Ultimately ensuring that the sequences and energies are in tune with the overall concept of the retreat, workshops or a particular day’s events. Classes are suitable for complete beginners, novices or experienced practitioners and are always planned with each individual in mind.

Lana and Bex will be your Yoga teachers from Saturday 20 July to Saturday 3 August 2024 for our Organic Juice Cleanse & Yoga Retreats

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Melissa: New Yoga Instructor for 2024

“Movement has always had an influence on my life, and after finding yoga and falling in love with the benefits of the practice mentally, physically and spiritually, I completed my teacher training in India in 2017. I genuinely believe that yoga is the path to growth and freedom in the body and mind – on and off the mat. And I feel incredibly honoured to share this practice with others”.

While encouraging students to move in a way that feels nourishing, strong and mindful, Melissa’s classes begin with setting an intention, connecting with your breath and then easing your way into the practice.


Morning practices will consist of energising flows and postures giving you the opportunity to build strength and flexibility. And leaving you with that calm, energised post yoga feeling. In contrast, Melissa’s evening practices will be soft, slow and restorative. Calming the mind and body and leaving the practice feeling well-rested and ready for a deep night’s sleep.

We are thrilled to have Melissa with us at Maison de Lunel on the following retreat dates:

7 September – 14 September
14 September – 21 September
21 September – 28 September

Melissa Yoga Instructor at Maison de Lunel 2024
Sarah Yoga instructor at Maison de Lunel in 2024

Sarah: Yoga Practitioner 

My yoga practice is about the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and releasing. So you will find my morning classes combine strength and mobility work in a dynamic Vinyasa Flow style; you can expect to move, sweat, and breathe.

The evening practice will be more restorative and incorporate yin yoga, where the focus is on stretching your connective tissues, releasing any mind-body tension and bringing the nervous system into a greater state of healing”.

Mindful Movement

Having worked in an office for over ten years, Sarah felt burnt out, disillusioned by the corporate world, and looking for something more meaningful. She felt the wanderlust and packed her bags to take a year out to go travelling.

During her travels, Sarah discovered yoga and was immediately drawn towards the more spiritual way of living and greater mind-body connection. She knew she could not return to a conventional job and started working at a health retreat in Brazil. Since then, Sarah has taught yoga and meditation and managed retreats in Portugal, Sri Lanka, Italy and the UK.

In 2015, she completed a Hatha Vinyasa teacher training in Brazil with the renowned David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner. Knowing the importance of health and wellness, she then went on to study Thai Yoga Massage and Sky Yoga, using aerial silks.

A typical class with Sarah starts with breathwork and quiet reflection followed by mindful movement, always aiming to create space and improve flexibility, strength and confidence. As a highly experienced yoga teacher, Sarah strives to share her passion and excitement with her students in every class!

Sarah currently lives in the UK, and as well as a passion for yoga, she is an avid juicer and fasting advocate! So we are thrilled that Sarah will be joining us at Maison de Lunel on the following retreat dates: Saturday 25 May – Saturday 8 June.

Amazing experience! All I could ask for and more

Ross and Neil are super hosts. This retreat was life changing. 4 months on, I’m still juicing and making better daily choices. I went with my mam and sister. The retreat is so informative, and I can’t recommend it enough! The rooms were really clean and relaxing. The views were amazing, and the daily walks with Neil were really enjoyable. Ross is amazing!!! Rebecca M. Stayed May 2023, TripAdvisor Review