Our Organic Juice Detox & Yoga Retreats

Whether you are seeking to simply relax and recharge; keen to kick-start healthy lifestyle changes and not sure where to begin, our organic juice detox and yoga retreats offer the perfect way to start your wellbeing journey.

At Maison de Lunel we adopt a holistic approach and believe that wellness comes from the outside as well as the inside. Our retreats carefully balance fresh nutritious organic juices with physical movement and plenty of time for rest and reflection.

We limit our retreats to a maximum of 10 guests at any one time, to ensure that we have the time to devote and focus on each guest.

We believe in sharing knowledge with our guests to support everyone on their well-being journey hence a core theme of our retreats is your learning journey – as well as starting to feel better and revitalised we will provide you with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices and create new habits.

We promise our guests a holiday romance… with themselves and the beautiful natural surroundings.  A retreat at Maison de Lunel is an opportunity to truly nourish your mind, body and soul, to fall in love and begin a journey of discovery with endless possibilities.

We work in association and in partnership with the most knowledgeable and accredited professionals, locally and internationally.

Between April and September we offer nourishing juice cleanse and yoga retreats for you to enjoy on your own, with friends or family.

We offer a 5, 7, 14 and 21 day Juice Cleanse Programmes.


  • Supervised organic juice & soup programme
  • Luxurious en-suite accommodation – all rooms have AC/Heating
  • Yoga & Meditation – 90 minutes morning & evening
  • Daily guided walk
  • Candlelit meditation before bed
  • Complimentary Massage Treatment (additional treatments available at supplementary cost)
  • Juicing Demonstration & Educational Workshops; Group Talks & Documentaries
  • Unlimited Filtered Water & Organic Herbal Teas
  • Unlimited access to 35 acres of grounds and relaxation areas: swimming pool, terrace & gym
  • Skill level: Beginner / Intermediate
  • Maximum 10 guests

A typical day at Maison de Lunel:

07:00  Wake Up Yoga & Meditation (90 mins)
08:30  Wheatgrass Shot
08:45  Walk / Hike in the surrounding countryside
10:00  Ginger Shot and First Juice
11:00  Educational Workshop / Demonstration (60-90 minutes)
13:00  Second Juice
13:30  Relaxation Time
16:00  Third Juice
17:00  Wind Down Yoga & Meditation (90 mins)
19:00  Nourishing Soup
19:30  Educational Documentary & Discussion
20:45  Candle-lit Meditation

We encourage you to participate in as many of the activities as possible, however this is of course YOUR retreat and you can choose which activities you wish to participate in.

Will I be hungry?

The programme I have created comprises 2 shots, 3 large juices, smoothies and a nourishing soup in the evening.
It’s completely understandable to be nervous and to feel a little daunted, if this is your first juice cleanse… the most common angst is that you will feel hungry, or should I say starving!
However, I have yet to meet anyone who actually feels hungry during a natural juice cleanse, more often than not they are completely surprised by how full and well-nourished they actually feel!

I am not going to say that you may not feel some false hunger and maybe some cravings over the first 24-48 hours – this is completely normal.
You may also feel a little discomfort as the body starts to detox – most commonly, you may experience a headache and some minor aches in the joints. But, that said many people start a juice cleanse and experience no side effects at all.

The key is to drink plenty of water and rest as required.

In extreme cases I do offer some SOS options if anyone is really struggling.

I am quite sure that any nerves will be more than outweighed by the renewed energy you will start to feel (within a very rapid space of time), and when your body really starts to feel well-nourished and revitalised from the inside out: clearer skin and eyes, clearer thinking and a change in positivity are just some of the wonderful side effects. Furthermore, if you are looking to kick-start a new healthy way of life and to lose a little weight, there really is no safer and healthier way than with a natural juice cleanse.

Please note:

We offer a standard juice plan to all guests – we are able to cater for allergies / intolerances by omitting certain ingredients from recipes, please let us know of any allergies / intolerances as soon as possible ahead of your stay.  

To optimise the benefits of your retreat and to minimise any detox symptoms, we do recommend that you avoid highly processed foods, alcohol and caffeinated beverages in the week before your arrival.